Forthright Manufacturing The Company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of water, beverage concentrates and syrups used to produce several beverage brands. We have upgraded our facility with state of the art automated equipment that facilitates the purification of water, ensures excellent interaction of concentrates and enables us to produce high quality custom bottle designs. The company is fully owned and managed by a crop of very enterprising and successful Nigerians in the financial sector of the economy. Objectives

  • To provide bottle manufacturing and filling solutions
  • To process stilled water and manufacture several beverage brands
  • To provide economic bottling solutions and beverage consumables, and to provide superior customer satisfaction
  • To foster creative and ingenuity in all aspects of our business and guaranteeing customer satisfaction before and after the sale
  • To provide an enabling environment that will make investments satisfactory both in the short and long terms
  • To provide a conducive working environment and satisfactory conditions of service for our staff